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Antidote 10, the best writing software suite (French or English) + Chrystine Brouillet's best-seller book "Six Minutes" (French only) at the unbeatable price of $99.95 (plus taxes)

  • Give the gift of English!
  • $114.92 taxes included for the latest version of the Antidote 10 software with Chrystine Brouillet's book "Six Minutes" - in French - as a bonus (value of $159.90).
  • Antidote is offered in French OR in English; you will have to choose the language that Antidote will treat during download.
  • Antidote is the best writing software suite on the market.
    • Antidote does not simply underline the words with mistakes; It helps you understand your errors and gives you tips to avoid them in the future.
    • Antidote corrects spelling and grammar, but also typography and style!
    • It integrates with your favourite software and tools: Office suite, Adobe CS suite, email software, web browsers...
    • Its dictionaries (definitions, synonyms, antonyms, conjugation, etymology, proverbs, quotations, rhymes, etc.) are rich and comprehensive.
    • It also provides detailed linguistic guides.
  • A product created by Druide informatique, a Québec company.
  • Thanks to this offer, you will receive Chrystine Brouillet's best-seller book "Six Minutes"; click HERE to get the details of this captivating detective story - note that the book is only available in French.

  • Maximum of 5 coupons upon purchase for personal use & 5 additional coupons to offer as gifts.
  • After your purchase, you will receive a coupon including your code and the link to download Antidote 10. During the download, Chrystine Brouillet's "Six Minutes" digital book will be automatically added to your Druide Client Portal.
  • Offer starts September 5, 2019 / Ends April 30, 2020 (you must use your download code directly on the Antidote’s website before the expiration date).
  • The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Click HERE to see the compatibilities.
  • Antidote will process French OR English; you will have to choose the desired language on Antidote’s website during download. **Warning: your choice of language cannot be modified once download is completed».
  • You want an Antidote for both French and English? Once you have chosen a first language, you can add the other language immediately by purchasing the optional module at the special price of $50 (instead of $69 if you buy it later; an additional discount of $19).
  • You can install Antidote on up to three (3) computers for family use or on a single computer for any other use.
  • Please take note that no Tuango promotion may be applied to this offer.
  • The Tuango cancellation policy does not apply to this offer. No refund is possible.

                        The write cure

Antidote combines an advanced grammar corrector with rich sophisticated dictionaries and detailed language guides. This software suite, designed by Quebec’s own Druide informatique, is the best of its kind; here and abroad. Thanks to Tuango and BeConect, you will benefit from an exceptional tool to write like a pro!


In a single operation, Antidote’s corrector flags a wide variety of errors: from capitalization and verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies. Hover over an error to see suggested corrections and see their explanations pop up in a tooltip, then click to confirm them. After correcting spelling and grammar, move on to typography and style, where you will be warned about any repeated words or commonplace verbs. Even dates and numbers can be flagged thanks to the 200 smart filters that highlight relevant passages. No software has ever given you so much power to refine your writing.


Read a word’s full definition and any expressions or proverbs that feature it; see its plural form, how to pronounce it, its rhyming words and its etymology. With a single click, see a list of its synonyms and words from the same family. Discover its semantic field, quotations, word combinations, complete conjugation information, and see how all of these resources interact intelligently. With its incomparable depth, powerful search engines and breathtaking speed, Antidote pushes the limits of what dictionaries can do.


From grammar to style, from lexicon to syntax, the guides cover all aspects of writing. Quickly access a clear and concise description of the rules and their exceptions. Learn it all thanks to tips and carefully selected examples. Easily browse through related material or through all 850 articles, printing whenever you need to. With Antidote’s guides, it has never been so easy and enjoyable to write well.


Antidote is the result of 23 years of research and development. Its 10th edition introduces over 120 new features.

  • Dictionaries gain in content and functions. The nomenclature is enriched with 8000 new words, like binge-watch, facticide and hoverboard.
  • The guides now count close to 500 articles, and their layout is better distributed and more user-friendly.
  • Linguistic correction benefits from thousands of lexical and syntactic refinements.
  • The style correction component has been expanded. In addition to reporting repetitions, heavy turnings and vocabulary weaknesses, it gains two new highly anticipated filters: readability and gender neutrality (equitable representation of women and men in the text).
  • Synonyms are now sorted by proximity to the heading and proverbs can be found by topics.

Do you type in English or French? Then Antidote is for you!