Multiple locations
Gift certificate at Le Côte Beloeil and Eastman - valid on all items and with no expiry date

  • Pay $35 and get a $50 gift certificate at Le Côte restaurant (Beloeil OR Eastman)
  • Gift certificate valid on ALL menu and all beverages
  • You can use it at any time; no expiration date!
  • An exceptional steak house
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • A choice of 2 branches to enjoy your meal - Restaurant Le Côte de Beloeil or Eastman

  • Maximum of 1 coupon upon purchase for personal use & 1 additional coupon to offer as gifts
  • Offer starts May 17, 2019 / No expiration date
  • Reservation required AT ALL TIMES by calling (450) 464-1633 (Beloeil) / (450) 297-3737 (Eastman) / Subject to availability
  • Valid at all times upon restaurant's schedule
  • Many gift certificates can be used to pay a bill
  • Can be used to pay the taxes / cannot be used to pay the tips
  • Must be used entirely in one visit / No remaining balance
  • No cash value / Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion

The Côte restaurants are still popular and have been for several years!

Located in a century-old house in Beloeil or in a modern new environment in Eastman, the restaurant offers a warm ambiance coupled with personalized service! This renowned restaurant offers you generous portions with delicious side dishes that will blow you away!

Accompany your plate with a beer, a glass of wine or a good cocktail! Your $50 gift certificate is valid on EVERYTHING!

Restaurant Le Côte - Beloeil

12 Rue Saint-Matthieu , Beloeil , Quebec
Phone: 1-(450) 464-1633
Website: http://lecote.ca/

Restaurant Le Côte - Eastman

4 Chemin George - Bonnallie , Eastman , Quebec
Phone: 1-(450) 297-3737
Website: http://lecote.ca/