Antidote 9, the best grammar corrector, at the unbeatable price of $99.95 (plus taxes)

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  • $114.94 taxes included for the brand new version of Antidote 9 (value of $149.40)
  • Offered in French OR in English; During the download you will have to choose the language that Antidote will treat
  • Antidote is the best grammar and spell-checker available on the market
    • Antidote does not only underline the word containing the error; It helps you find exactly which one should be used and helps you to understand them and gives you tips and tricks to avoid them in the future
    • Antidote corrects spelling and grammar, but also typography and style!
    • It integrates with your favorite software and tools: Office suite, Adobe CS suite, email software, web browsers ...
    • Its dictionaries (definitions, synonyms, antonyms, conjugation, etymology, proverbs, quotations, rhymes, etc.) are rich and comprehensive.
    • It also provides detailed linguistic guides
  • Just in time for the new school year!
  • A product created by Druide informatique, a Québec company
  • Maximum of 5 coupons upon purchase for personal use
  • May purchase 5 additional coupons to offer as gifts
  • Offer starts August 15, 2017 / Ends June 30, 2018 (you must use your download code directly on the Antidote’s website before the expiration date)
  • After purchasing this offer, you will get a coupon with your code as well as the link to download the V5 version of Antidote 9
  • The sofware is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Click HERE to see the compatibilities
  • The link is available in French OR English; you will need to choose the desired language on Antidote's website **Once selected, you cannot change the language**
  • You want an Antidote for both French and English? After you have chosen a first language, you can add the other language immediately by purchasing the optional module at the special price of $50 (this price will be $69 if you buy it later)
  • You can install Antidote on up to three (3) computers for family use or on a single computer for any other use
  • You must first read and accept Antidote's license agreement by clicking HERE. Your Tuango order confirms your acceptance
  • Please take note that no Tuango promotion is applicable on this offer
  • The Tuango cancelation policy doesn’t apply / No refunds will be made
  • Taxes included
  • Click here for a list of details that apply to all offers: http://www.tuango.ca/en/pages/details
Antidote consists of both an advanced grammar editor, rich sophisticated dictionaries and detailed linguistic guides. This software suite, designed by the Quebec company Druide informatique, is the best of its kind; Here, as in Europe. Thanks to Tuango and BeConect, you will benefit from an exceptional tool to write like a pro!

All at once, the Antidote corrector highlights a wide range of errors, from the forgotten accent to the difficult conjugation, from the unwanted comma to the stupid pleonasm. Point to an error: proposed correction and graduated explanations spring from the tooltip; Click to approve. After spelling and grammar, correct typography and style, including repetitions and dull verbs, and even dates and numbers with intelligent filters that highlight the relevant passages. Never has software offered you so much power to edit your texts.

Read the complete definition of your word and the expressions and proverbs where it appears; See its plural, its pronunciation, its difficulties, its rhymes and its etymology. With a single click, see the list of synonyms, antonyms, words of the same family. Discover his lexical field, his quotations, his illustrations, his complete conjugation, his historical evolution or the universe of his co-occurrences, and appreciate the intelligent interaction between all these works. With its unparalleled richness, powerful search engines and fast-paced speed, Antidote pushes the boundaries of traditional dictionaries.

From grammar to style, from lexicon to syntax, eleven guides cover all aspects of writing. Quickly access a clear, concise description of rules and exceptions. Keep it simple with tips and good examples. Navigate with ease among related topics or among all 825 items. Print out the results of your research. With Antidote guides, writing well will never have been so simple and enjoyable.
Grammar and spelling will no longer have any secrets for you!
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Customer Support: 1 (800) 537-8433
Website: http://www.antidote.info/fr/antidote