Full-face snorkel mask - Taxes included - 60% off

What you get

  • 60% off a full-face snorkel mask - Taxes included
  • 3 colours available: Black, Blue and Pink
  • 2 sizes available: S/M and L/XL
  • A snorkel mask offering a 180 degrees panoramic view
  • Lets you dive without the troublesome tuba
  • A clear and anti-fogging lens to see all of what the ocean floor has to offer
  • Perfect for children and adults alike
  • An integrated support for a GoPro camera (or similar) to film your diving experience (sports camera not included)*


  • Taxes included
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Are you a snorkelling enthusiast? You like exploring the ocean floor but you’re tired of the cumbersome tuba? This offer was created for you!

Take advantage of a super discount on a full-face snorkel mask with an integrated tuba that offers a 180 degrees panoramic view! You won’t want to get out of the water!

Your choices:




Please note that the colours of these items may vary slightly from picture to reality

Technical characteristics:
  • Material: Liquid silicon and thermoplastic

How to choose your size:
  • Measure the length between your nose bridge and your chin
  • If the length is 12 cm or less, your size is S/M
  • If the length is higher than 12 cm, your size is L/XL