Thrills behind the wheels of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari at Icar Experience in Mirabel

What you get

  • OPTION #1 – WEEKDAYS: $99 for 2 laps behind the wheel of an incredible Lamborghini LP560 or a Ferrari F430 (value of $199)
  • OPTION #2 – WEEKDAYS: $149 for 4 laps behind the wheel of a Lamborghini LP560 or a Ferrari F430 (value of $299)
  • You will experience an approximately 1H driving experience including:
    • 1 theoretical course provided by professionals on driving a race car (20 minutes)
    • Two discovery laps in the leading ICAR car
    • 2 laps (Option #1) or 4 laps (Option #2) behind the wheel of the car included in your chosen option, on a professional track, with an instructor by your side
    • To complete the experience, you will receive an ICAR Experience diploma!
  • For the complete list of race cars available, please consult the description section
  • The ideal gift for race-car lovers, and for speed enthusiasts, to offer or to treat yourself! CLICK HERE to add a delicious brunch!


  • 5 coupons per person upon purchase for personal use & 5 additional coupons to offer as gifts
  • 1 coupon valid per person, per day
  • The offer starts June 5, 2018 / Ends September 28, 2018 (depending on the weather)
  • Clients must have a valid driver’s licence - probationary and temporary licence are accepted / Minors must be accompanied by an adult or a tutor
  • Reservation required via the following link: icarexperience.ca/Experience/Reservation - You will need your voucher number to use in the promotional code section
  • ICAR cancellation policy applicable, please visit www.icarxp.com for more information / If you need to modify your reservation, you will be charged a penalty fee
  • Equipment included (the use of your own helmet or a go-pro camera will not be accepted)
  • Insurance included
  • Taxes not included (payable by credit card at the time of reservation)
  • After expiration, you may reactivate your voucher for a $50 fee to be paid at the time of reservation, valid for the 2018 season only
  • Click here for a list of details that apply to all offers: http://www.tuango.ca/en/pages/details


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Information on the race cars:

LP560 Lamborghini Gallardo
5.2 L V10
560 horsepower
Max speed 325 kmph
0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds
The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is an uncompromising blend of staggering performance and distinguished Italian luxury. With its sober yet prestigious design, the Gallardo is one of Lamborghini’s most acclaimed models with years of racing experience in road racing championships. A powerful rear-mounted 5.2 L V10 engine produces a whopping 560 horsepower, more than enough to efficiently get you into racing mode!
For more info about this model, click here: http://icarexperience.ca/experiences/supercars/lamborghini-gallardo-lp560/?lang=en

Ferrari F430
4.3 L V8
490 horse power
Rear-wheel drive car
Maximum speed 312kmph
0-100 kmph in 4 seconds
The F430 is one of Ferrari’s most driver-oriented gems. The rear-mounted V8 punches out 490 hp, offering an outstandingly efficient power output of 114 hp/l. The acceleration is like nothing else: zero to 100 kmph in a seat-nailing four seconds flat. But the F430 is not only about power; handling was undoubtedly a priority on the agenda when Ferrari’s engineers designed this sports coupe!
For more info about this model, click here http://icarexperience.ca/experiences/supercars/ferrari-f430/?lang=en

For all options:
May buy additional laps on site, according to availabilities ($)
For a small fee ($), get a picture and/or a video with the car (payable on site!)


ICAR Expérience

12800 Henri-Fabre, Mirabel, QC, J7N0A6, CA , , Quebec